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Drop Shipping Program

Start your own business with Griffco Supply's drop shipping program


If you're on this page, you likely have your own business or you are thinking of starting one. We love, love, love entrepreneurship! Are you looking for a drop ship supplier that has an expansive inventory and can work with you on your own designs? Perfect! 
Based in Northeast Ohio, we have been in business since 2007 and have learned how to run drop shipping so it benefits and helps grow YOUR business. With so many drop shipping sites and apps out there, it is really easy to get overwhelmed. There's little to no support when your supplier is on the other side of the globe and you're just another number. How about a true relationship? How about a supplier that cares about your business? That's where Griffco Supply comes in.

How Does it Work?

We keep our drop shipping program as simple as it can be. As a partner you will have access to our entire product line. Use it all or choose the products you want to focus on. If you have designs of your own, we will create you your own unique SKUs that nobody else can order from us and we will engrave or print on demand when you receive an order. We don't charge drop ship fees and we don't have minimum order quantities you have to meet.

Now it's time to get the order to us. 

You will have a UDC (Unique Discount Code) for where you can place your orders and apply the code during checkout. To keep costs down and production up, we do not accept drop ship orders by email, fax or mail. 

You Have My Order. Now What?

Once your order is placed at, we will process, produce and ship it as fast as possible. Most orders ship within 1-2 business days! Usually our partners opt for standard shipping which is quick and convenient. All orders ship from Ohio and you have the option of us shipping on your own carrier accounts or we will pass our discounted savings on to you.


You're a Hero

All that's left is for your customer to receive their order and wonder how you got it to them so fast! All packages we ship will not have any Griffco Supply identifiers in the box, on the box or anywhere on the product. We are helping you build YOUR brand! 

Some more details.

We have been in e-commerce for quite a long while now. We know what an online company is looking for in a supplier because we have lived and breathed it for many years and have navigated our own struggles with subpar vendors. Here are some things we will do to help your business.

  •  Most orders ship with 1-2 business day give you a fast turn around for happy, happy customers.
  •  A growing product line that is designed and produced in Ohio, USA.
  •   Fast economy shipping on every order you place adding huge dollars to your bottom line. Express options are available as well.
  •  No drop ship fees. Ever.
    •  Tiered pricing levels. As your business grows, so does your discount. We are playing the long game and building long term relationships. We are not interested in the "quick buck".
      •  Blind drop shipping. Our return address on the label never points your customer back to us. We also do not include paperwork in your shipments.
        •  Unique opportunity to create your own designs that set you even further apart from the competition. We will then engrave or print on-demand for immediate shipment. 

        Are you ready to launch your business?

        Let's do this together. If you are ready to begin, fill out the basic form below. Somebody from our team will reach out to you via email upon receipt of your inquiry.