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Funny Desk Name Plates Signs - Lotsa Laughs™

Funny Desk Name Plates:

Our Lotsa Laughs™ line of products is meant to bring the funny to your desk sign and to your place of work. While one could certainly use these funny coffee mugs and desk signs anywhere, our main goal with the Lotsa Laughs™ line is to bring chuckles to your workday. Did you know we even produce a growing and popular line of funny bathroom signs

Lotsa Laughs™ products are 100% guaranteed to lighten the mood of even an angry boss - NOTE: we are joking. This is not guaranteed in any way, shape or form. If he/she is angry enough, these new and hilariously funny desk plates may get your butt fired! But we think it's worth the risk!

These funny desk signs are sure to be the conversation piece of your work space. Choose from any of the witty options for a humorous ice breaker that sits right on your desk. We spend more time at work than we usually spend awake in our own private domiciles. If we are going to be in a single place that long, it should at least reflect our own personality and have some humor attached to it. Each of these desk plates features a self standing black aluminum holder and you can slide new plates in and out. If you have a funny saying you'd like that we don't present offer, you can always enter your own text on one of our 2X8 custom name plates

When, and if, you decide to shop for a more serious office accessory (we are grown ups after all), we would love if you would check out our entire line of desk name plates.

On a more serious note, we want to say thank you for shopping with Griffco Supply. It does not matter to us whether you decide to purchase a funny gift or a more sentimental personalized product - we appreciate your business. When did companies seem to forget it is the customer that drives the business? We know that without you we would not get to come to work. We appreciate you. We thank you. We are grateful.