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Shop hilarious coffee mugs at Griffco Supply.
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Shop funny coffee mugs and drink tumblers.

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We have the largest selection of engraved desk name plates online with an emphasis on custom desk wedges that are Made in the U.S.A.

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We are so glad you're here.

We are so thankful you have stopped by and if you have a little time I would love to tell you why.

You may not realized just how important you are to our small business - we appreciate you and we only exist by the grace of God and because of loyal customers that keep coming back for more and that tell others about us.

When we first began engraving items over a decade ago, we had no idea we would have so much fun engraving name plates, personalized tumblers and so much more.

Want some fun? Check out are new and fast growing collection of home decor. Our funny bathroom signs are already a huge customer favorite. Beyond the fun, however, we learned more about purpose.

We have come to learn harbor a joy that comes from realizing we are a lasting part of our customer's lives. We aren't simply sending engraved gifts to people and that's it - here at Griffco Supply, we feel we are part of milestones in people's lives. In however tiny of a way, we help commemorate and celebrate achievements, dreams, hard work paid off, birthdays, weddings and so many more of life's moments. To us, that's no small thing.

So, from me to you I extend a sincere Thank You. If you choose to make a purchase at Griffco Supply, we promise you won't regret it. We will work our hardest to help your newly engraved gift. That's our promise.

Warm Regards,

Joshua Griffith - Owner, Griffco Supply